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Steps And Ideas To Grow Vegetables In Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden


 Growing veggies in backyard or terrace is a quick line for explaining Kitchen Garden.


Kitchen garden idea was conceived in late 16th century and in late 16th there was a kitchen garden in Maison Rustique and at end of 17th century, the great king Louis XIV had a kitchen garden imbedded in Versaille, with the best technologies of that time that asparagus was grown in December. In the middle ages’ monasteries developed expounded kitchen garden. Which was also with the updated technologies of that time.

Veggies in kitchen farming

Veggies in kitchen farming

Traditional Kitchen Garden:

A traditional Kitchen garden design is made up of four quadrants with vital water bases. As per sources this design is amalgamation of Egypt, Babylon, Persia and Mesopotamia gardens.

kitchen garden Plants

kitchen garden Plants

Difference B/w Kitchen & Vegetable garden?

There is vibrant difference between both gardens. A Kitchen garden is relatively a small, in house and as possible as much near to kitchen. This basically to grow small herbs and veggies which can be use newly, so can live a small fresh hale and hearty life. Whereas Vegetable garden can be far from home entail of larger area. Vegetables are grown with a purpose of reaping more product.

DIY Kitchen garden:

Kitchen garden is a cup of tea for everyone who has a small knowledge and love to plant. Because planting is not a work it’s a passion. You need to be creative to plant such gardens so you can bring and adopt innovations in it. Let me share some easy ways of imbedding a kitchen garden so you can Do It Yourself.

Plants foods

Plants foods

Step 1: Plant Food:                

Plant food means soil. The richer the soil is, the healthier vegetables will be. To make your organic soil you need

  1. Standard garden soil (sterilize it)
  2. Cow dung fertilizer
  3. Sand
  4. Compost leaves

Mix well these ingredients to enhance fertility of soil.

Step 2: Pot:         

Now as we made an organic fertilizer its time take a pot, it can be any type of container, tub, dustbin etc.

Pot selection in kitchen garden

Pot selection in kitchen garden

Make 3 medium size holes in bottom of pot. Cover those holes newspaper and fill the pot with soil well. Try to choose a wide pot so veggies can grow improved.

Step 3: Seeds:                      

Its last step before adding your chosen plant seeds water the soil well so seeds can sit better.


vegetable seeds for plantation

vegetable seeds for plantation

Now add seeds and put a thin layer of soil again so seeds are embedded well.

Vegetables in Kitchen Garden:

There are 100s of veggies which can be grown in your garden lemma tell you same common ones.


  1.  Mint
  2. Cilantro
  3.  Basil
  4.  Tulsi
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Lemon
  7. Chilies
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Cabbage
  10.  Sweet Potatoes
  11. Lettuce
  12. Celery
  13. Bok Choy
  14. Bean Sprout
  15.  Carrots
  16.  Garlic
vegetables in kitchen garden

vegetables in kitchen garden

Ideas of Kitchen Gardening:                                 

You need to be creative to plant such gardens so you can bring and adopt innovations in it. I know almost about types of planting it, but it can be more let’s discuss the forms I am familiar with. Let’s start with fun one.

Ideas of kitchen garden

Ideas of kitchen garden

1: The Tyre Garden:

Do you have old tyres in your stores? Yes. It’s great bring them on. Cut them eradicate the rim. Now add soil, seeds and water and that’s it. Your tyre garden is on way to given you healthy herbs in few days.

2: The Drip Irrigation:

Drip irrigation is simplest and beautiful form of this gardening. Things you need or this are

  1. Old Cans
  2. Water Dripper container
  3.  Soil
  4.  Seeds
  5.  Rope

Cut your old drink or any small cans. Cut them in half and make two small holes, tie the rope so can hang them on wall. Paint them attractive, add soil and seeds. Place water dripper above cans in a way that when lid is remove can water all cans. Place cans on wall, Tadaaan its ready.

3: The Bucket Garden:

Another inexpensive space saving and satisfying landscape view way of gardening. Take old buckets, repeat the steps of soil, water and seeds. You can put it anywhere according to demand of seeds embedded. This is also called Micro Kitchen Garden.

4: The Moist Bed Garden:

Some plants need moist atmosphere to grow sound. For this there is need to make a bed moist medium such as impermeable plastic bags or damn liners. Purpose is to make vegetables inhale moisturization out of bed. Compile a bed of any of these plastic sheets and repeat 3 simple steps. But remember as they are moist veggies seeds so they need to keep watering regularly so can grow vigorous and wild.

5: The Aquaponics System:

Aquaponics is growing fishes and vegetables amalgamated. Aquaponics is so amazing and more valuable among all types of kitchen gardening techniques. It so simple to grow aquatic creature and herbs at once. What you have to do is bring an aquarium, fix a seed embedded soil bed over it. Now place a water dripper pump in aquarium which can fetch water from aquarium drip it in soil, Soil sucks its nutrients cleans water and send it back to aquarium. You can have proteins and herbs in chorus.

6: The Vertical Garden or Food robe:

OK this one is a bit practical one, not in planting in designing. You need a professional to stand it. It contains numerous mini gardens in a vertical wooden edifice designed impressionist shelves. And height between shelves is clinched according to natural height of plant.

7: The Wick Irrigation Garden:

Wick irrigation is so modest and easy form of gardening. You can use any drink or cherry can. Cut it in such a functional form that half (lower) part of it contains water where we will dip wick and half (upper) will contain soil wick and seeds will be embedded. Now place it or hang it on any wall or in balcony so can get pretty nature essence with fresh herbs.

I can write 100s of pages on creative and easy kitchen gardening ideas even if you love to grow it you can get an idea even from your trash. So, keep thinking and bring innovation.

Kitchen Gardens in Pakistan:

kitchen gardening in Pakistan

kitchen gardening in Pakistan

Pakistan is a blessed country. Either we look at climatic condition or geographic. Pakistan has 23.3 million hectares area for crops. About 62% of population earning depends upon agriculture.

As Pakistan is number 6th in population in world which have 212.48 million population in year 2020. This is tending towards complex demand of food. 20%+ population is malnourished and about 45% of toddlers are underdeveloped according to WFP World Food Program. Looking at these conditions and figures there is need of more and healthy production of food which is getting low under these circumspectness’.

So, keeping in view all these I believe kitchen gardening has a variety to grow under budget and even healthier, as vegetables grown at home will be definitely free of dangerous chemicals and are in your sight at a step away.

Looking at convince and healthier life I will definitely recommend you to grow veggies in your kitchen.


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