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Herb Garden | Productive & Appealing Herb Farming Layout


Herb Farming

Grow herbs in your farm (kitchen farming)

What is Herb farming? Its name “Herb Farming” describes clearly about its meaning, it’s a Farm used to grow Herbs. Herb farming is a part of Kitchen Garden. Actually it’s a separate place in the Kitchen Garden. Sometimes it’s is designed in formal shape and size like knot Garden but it’s also in informal patterns.

It’s a place that design to grow a special types of plants called “HERBS”. Herbs can also be planted in pots, for ease of mobility. But sometime herbs are not going to stable in pots or other containers but some can. Like “Mint” is the type of herb that planted well on pot, or it took the whole garden.

Why people should grow herbs in their small gardens? Actually herbs can be used in several purposes like for flavor your meals, for their beautiful aroma or sweet-smelling and for medical/ remedy purpose. Medical purpose herb garden are called physic garden. You can say, herb are the mixture of functional and ornamented plants.

Herb Farming

Herb Farming


Appealing and Productive Herb Farming:

Kitchen Garden is the most important part of your house, as front yard or backyard. But In some countries there is a law imposed on grown plant, what can grow or what can’t. Also there is always a main problem, how to make your yard most appealing as well as productive.

Productive Herb Garden

  • Some people wants to grow herbs as natural pest control to protect or save vegies from pests. The easiest ways to do this, to mix your Kitchen garden with both plants, herbs and vegies. It helps to ward off the pest that hurts your precious cabbage… That’s ways your garden is organic and chemical free.
  • Herbs from your Kitchen garden helps to adding fragrance to your daily meals. There may be from oregano for pizza to mint for tea, mint juleps, detox drinks and basil for sauces sandwiches, soups, and salads to Rosemary for pork.
  • Growing herbs in home also help you to skip purchasing it from grocery stores and money-saving. Even you can sale these herbs in market, as small container still grow enough herbs for both uses.
  • Herbs can also be used as dried herbs, herb that grow in the summer season also utilize in the winter season. So don’t think, How to make herb grows in winter OR what you do to all of these herbs you grown in summer.
  • Herbs are also serves in medical treatment and remedies. Herbal medicines is dietary supplement for most of the countries. People in these areas relay on these herbs to treat their illness. Herbs like gingko, ginseng, ginger, turmeric, and chamomile etc. There countless herbs should be the part of every Kitchen Gardening.
  • Every herb is with sweet aroma, feel pure and calm your mind. It means herbs also provide fragrance as a bonus to your yard. These herbs include lemon scented herbs, Lavender and basil. They provide unique small in cooking food. Not just used in cooking, these herbs also used to make Lotions, shampoo, oil and other products.
herb farming

herb farming

Appealing Herb Garden Layout

Anyone who starts herb farming, He must think about those permanent structure and layout of kitchen garden. Where should be herbs put? What area should be given to herb or will I mix herbs in other plants or not?

1:  Boundaries, Paths and Perennials

For herb garden there are some herbs that should grows on containers and there are some who go well with other plants. But if there must be some boundary structure that you want to follow. Then Make some layout and hedges, you can planted herbs for hedges too. Let discuss some layout Plans for Herb gardening.

For hedges, grow Lavender and rosemary, they give very attractive and wind-filtered. You can also use hyssop for hedge.

For edging and paths, Munstead and curly-leaved parsley give charming aromatic path distributions.

And if your garden is in front of you home, Add a bit more beautiful entrance with hedges. Shrubs Hedges or wooden hedges both looks cool and attractive. Moreover, if there is wooden hedge, cover it with green money plants leaves and stems.

herb farming

herb farming

2: Parterres and Knot Gardens

In Parterres and knot gardens, herbs are planted in symmetric or patterned ways. It can be grow in any type of the garden small or large.

The basic purpose of it to create the ways so that visitors can easily stroll and enjoys the relaxing scenery.  Make beautiful pathway between the sections and grown beautiful aromatic herbs and flowers around it.


3: Herb Wheels and Herb Spirals

In your garden, you can create a small circle with bricks and stone. This is actually the herb wheel and spiral with adding beautiful herb plant. You may be make different herb spiral, each spiral with an herb. Or construct only one herb spiral and splits it with multi segments. Each segments with a unique herb to others. More the herbs, the larger area of spiral.

herb farming

herb farming

This is actually a benefit to your garden, not just it’s a different and beautiful structure, also give a range of growing multiple herbs.

Herbs that mostly adding into your spiral on top are sun loving herbs like lavender, rosemary, thyme and sage. On the sun, side add heat lover herbs like basil and add parsley in the shady spaces on herb wheel.

4: Herb Container Gardens

You have a tiny garden? Having difficulty in making herb section? Don’t worry. Because you still grow herbs in there but in different way.

herb farming

herb farming

Try planted in containers, jars, pots and urns. And choose those herbs that can easily grow in pots like basil, tea herbs, sage and parsley.

5: Window box herbs

Culinary Herbs can also be planted in window box because it provide good drainage system to herbs. But the herbs must be from smallest category like ‘Blue Boy’ rosemary, ‘Minette’ and basil.

In this article, you can find various types and functions of herbs plantation. You will find different layout and directions to plant herbs in your Kitchen Garden. Choose your favorite plantation layout from above and share your tips for planting herbs of different categories with us. Thank you!!!


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