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Floriculture, Purpose, What to grow and how to?


What is Floriculture?

The production and cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants is known as Floriculture.

Floriculture = Flower Farming, A discipline of horticulture.

Horticulture is the growth of flowers for floristry and garden.

It is actually the blooming of new type of flowers with plant breeding. And make a new beautiful flower variety. The new development of flower via breeding is well known occupation as floriculturists.


You can easily grow the flowers in your home garden. Floriculture is also the part of Kitchen Garden or Potager farming. It adds fancy to your Kitchen garden. Make your garden beautiful with new floral arrangements and designs.

How you add multi-varieties of flowers to your kitchen garden? That enhance its looks and charms the viewer minds. Not just these, but you can make home bouquet of flowers for special events as a gift to your loved ones.

Floriculture plants and flowers

In flower farming, there are many plants that grow beautiful flowers. These plants includes bedding plants, house plants, flowering nano gardens and pot plants. Floriculture crops are herbaceous. Young flowering plants are usually found in bedding and gardening plants.

Mostly plants are found in the form of annuals, perennials in bedding and garden. Usually and easily grown in pots like try and pitchers. People also grow them in window box and hanging baskets.

They are usually found in closed environment, easily grow in your kitchen garden to make garden looks beautiful.

The most popular bedding plants?

  1. Begonia
  2. Sweet peas
  3. Antirrhinum
  4. Petunia
  5. Impatiens

These are prefer to use in home and work place environment, to improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost mood.


The main purpose of flower farming are growing flowers and market them. Or used as ornamental plants and garden with their unique design and arrangements.

The floriculture industries also covers following terms:

  • Field production and Green house of flowers,
  • Field production and Green house of ornamental plants,
  • Crop production ,
  • Retail managements,
  • Flowers design and marketing.

What to Grow

Flowers are grow in greenhouse that produce and stores varieties of plants. It includes many types of flower mass production too.

Just like flowers that are use in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and perfume industry. Some flowers are uses as décor purpose like bouquets arrangements etc. In Plants there are many types of crop manufacturing:

  1. bedding plants,
  2. herbaceous ornamental perennial plants,
  3. potted plants,
  4. indoor foliage
  5. Cut flowers.

All of them have different purpose, ways and techniques. Below you find brief discussion of these crop productions

Bedding plants:

Bedding plants are the main area in floriculture, in the form of annual production. It has short production in over all year, and have seasonal sale. They are not just annual flowers but also have some foliage and vegetable plants too.

Their seeding can grow in hydroponics system, then transfer to their soil for further production. In Outdoor, their production usually starts from January to June and sales in May and June.

But depending upon the flower species, some grown in summer, some in spring or autumn and winter. But indoor you can easily grow them year-round.

Examples: Petunia, Busy Lizzie (sassy little flower), Geranium etc.

Herbaceous Ornamental Perennials:

Perennials are the types of plants that are non woody. And can be preserved as original plant form years to years. Then they comes into seeds and farmers further grow them. Also, Portion of their production processed in greenhouse and after that, they move outside from further growth and ready for sale.

Perennials are very sensitive plants. That can easily hurt with change in environment, mostly in winters and harsh climate in summer.

Examples: Hostas, Coneflower, Columbine etc.

Potted plants:

The second largest floriculture segment is plants that grow in pots. Also, These plants are the most mature one in flower industry. Easily grown in seasonal and yearly basis, that depending upon the environment requirement of a specific floral plant.

They handle all tuff environment, and grow for longer period. Also they are include in the expensive ones, because potted plants easily grown and mature fully and ready for sale in short period.

Indoor foliage:

Foliage plants grown because of their leaves with different shape, color and pattern. Also, They are from both origins, some are tropical or subtropical origin.

Mostly grow in warm and tropical climate depending upon cultivation and climate perspective.

Also, Indoor foliage are mostly use in home, office interior of closed space and outdoor seasonal display.

Examples: Bromeliads, Ferns, Philodendrons etc.

Cut flowers:

Cut Flowers are that type of produced plants, their flowers cut and special use as bouquet or other flower arrangements. These crop are design to sell in the market. Not just only flowers, they cut as, to fit in the bouquet or other ornamental shapes or area.

As a result, Their production basic purpose are more formal use, like wedding events, funerals or other formal occasion.

Example: Rose, Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemums etc.

Most popular flowering plants:

Below are the most popular flowering plants, You must grown them in your kitchen garden.

  1. Alstroemerias
  2. Calla Lilies
  3. Carnations
  4. Daisies
  5. Orchids
  6. Roses
  7. Sunflowers
  8. Tulips, etc.

I hope all above information helps you more. Also, It’s not just stop there, you can find many more about Floriculture and others. Check our other related post for more information and keep visiting our website,



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