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Honey Bee Farming, Advantages & Environmental Precaution


beekeeping and apiculture is a technique of farming bees

Honey Bee:

Apis mellifera (Honey Bee) is a flying insect that amasses nectar and pollen from flowers and turn it into honey in their hives. It a social insect that exists in colonies with different types of bees.


  1. Queen Bee
  2.  Work Bee
  3. Drones

Honey Bee Farming:

Honey bee farming also known as beekeeping and apiculture is a technique of farming bees in colonies to ripe honey and other farming paybacks for commercial purpose. This, Honey bee farming is an 100s of years old habit in Asia to aggregate honey yeah there is difference in technique but purpose is still same. An Apiarist (beekeeper) or a farmer is the person who looks after bees and ripe honey out of hives.

Honey bee farming is not only for the purpose of gaining honey no doubt its major purpose, but it also produces minor products with good market value such as bee wax, royal jelly, venom, propolis and even queen bee. Queen bee (most fertile bee which have to only lay eggs). It also helps in agriculture through pollination.

Honey bee farming is no doubt a budget friendly and quick farming type. But don’t take it too easy it’s grueling to make a connection between farmer and bees. Now there are procedures follow to make bees stingless but still there is need to be so cautious.

Honey Bee Farming

Honey Bee Farming

Advantages of Bee Farming:

  1. Obviously Honey is the first and major benefit of bee farming. Cause you cannot make honey from any other source. Its healthy and is demanded worldwide. Which means it’s a second advantage is here too Business.
  2.  Beekeeping is a budget friendly farming technique. As it’s easy to maintain, no need of labor expense and can easily generate more profit.
  3.  No restriction for land fertility.
  4. How can we forget about Pollination advantage? A natural no cost process with just benefits.

Dis-Advantages of Bee Farming:

When there are advantages there are dis-advantages as well so let’s discuss them too

  • Bee farming has always red signals for disease.
  •  It has climatic restriction. Unfavorable climate may lead beds to lose their life.
  • Radiation kills honey bee.
  •  Its not easy to pet honey bees because they are not human friendly.

Is it Safe for bees?

Yes and No. How? Let me explain Yes, bee farming is definitely safe for bees if proper care is taken for them. They are nourished well which means by planting more flowers near them. But No, we are not making them safe due to excessive use of technology signals disturb bees which is descending their life time. So, such environment is not safe for them. we must look upon this.

Types of Hives:

Honey Bee Farming

Honey Bee Farming

1:  The Langstroth Hive:

During 19th Century Rev. Lorenzo Langstroth presented a vertically model hive. Which have vertical removeable drawers and entrance palette for bees. Langstroth consist of drawers (boxes) are over each other. This is consisting of seven section.

  1.  Outer / Telescoping Cover
  2. Inner Cover
  3. Shallow/ Honey Supers
  4. Queen Excluder
  5.  Deep Super
  6. Bottom Board
  7.  Stand

2: Top Bar Hive:

World’s 1st bee hive is top bar hive also known as Grecian hives. It’s a single story long horizontal bar laid on wooden frame. As compare to Langstroth it depends on 1 booth. According to sources bees wax was use to maintain good health. Top bar hive is fixed. For pollination this is best type of hives.

3: Warre Hive:

The warre hive is also an old type of hive conceived by Emile Warre a French priest in 20th century. This is also a vertical hive. It’s don’t have a single frame neither have sheets. It also has drawers lay on each other. Its one of the still used hive.

Precautions for honey bee farming environment:

  1.  They should be trying to keep in dry environment. They don’t need much humid air.
  2. Try to select a site with plenty of trees and plants and specially flowers with nectar and pollen. So can bring up in natural environment.

 Honey Bee Farming Latest Trend:

Honey bee farming is in spotlight from last 10 years and is now found as valuable as other framings. Families are taking it as full-time business and so it is. According to IBISWorld report 11 due bad climatic changes in environment and poisonous air beekeeper were losing a huge number of bees specially in US. But from last 5 years people are again encourage to move towards beekeeping. Because still, it’s a profitable business. Honey bee farming latest trend is back to old school yeah which mean people are again generating honey in a natural organic way. Bees are kept with in plenty of plants and trees so they don’t have to fly far for search of food. This will also help in reducing percentage of disease among them.


The conclusion for honey bee farming is good it has some risk factors so do all type of business. But profit is more enjoyable and healthier. Having organic honey at home and having it daily can keep many diseases away from you. I would suggest to move towards such budget friendly farming which will not only help us to stay healthier but also ill help in increase in descending number of honey bees.













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