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General Hydroponics Flora Series – The General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule


The General Hydroponics Flora Series offers a wide variety of growing mediums for your garden, including soil and hydroponics. The “building blocks” of the system are the Flora Gro and the corresponding Flora Bloom. Each one contains the necessary nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, calcium, trace elements, and magnesium. For a complete system, you can use all three products, or mix and match your own mix.

The General Hydroponics Flora Series contains three separate fertilizers. The FloraMicro provides essential nutrients like nitrogen and calcium for structural growth and development. The FloraGro adds additional nitrogen and potassium to the mix to help the plants develop strong roots. The FloraBloom adds phosphorous, magnesium, sulfur, and copper to the mix to provide a comprehensive diet for your plants.

The Flora Series contains a variety of different types of fertilizer. The FloraMicro provides nitrogen, calcium, and trace minerals, all of which are necessary for the comprehensive diet of hydroponic plants. In addition, the FloraGro and FloraBloom offer additional nitrogen and potassium to stimulate structural growth. If you’re unsure of what each type of fertilizer is best for your needs, the FloraMicro is the first choice for you.

The Flora Series contains three different fertilizers. The first is Flora Gro, which is designed to stimulate vegetative growth and build strong plant roots. The second is Flora Bloom, which is used to increase flowering and enhance the flavor and essential oils of your fruits and vegetables. Both of the general hydroponics products are pH balanced and provide the essential nutrients needed by plants for optimal growth and development. In addition to the nutrients, the Flora series is designed for micro-, mini-, and macro-nutrients.

The General Hydroponics Flora Series is the original building-block nutrient system. It is made up of a complete primary, secondary, and micro-nutrient system. The three components of the GH Flora Series are soluble in water and can be used in all hydroponic and soil systems. Its unique pH balance is the key to its success. Its liquid nutrient system is the only one that includes all three.

The General Hydroponics Flora Series is the industry’s standard for hydroponics and soil gardens. Its liquid nutrient concentrates offer the same benefits as nutrient mixtures made from a combination of soil and hydroponics. The general hydroponics formula is known for its flexibility and ease of use. Its patented technology provides a highly efficient nutrient solution for all types of gardening.

The Flora Series is a popular liquid nutrient system, which is why the General Hydroponics Flora liquid fertilizer system offers the optimal blend of nutrients. This liquid fertilizer is the original building block nutrient system and provides all the essential nutrients for hydroponic and soil plants. It also contains oligo- and micro-elements that are essential for your plants’ health. It also features a patented nutrient mixing formula that can make it easier for you to use.

The Flora Series includes 3 different nutrient solutions for different stages of growth. The first part, Flora Micro, is a basic nutrient solution that contains the building blocks for structural growth. The third part, the FloraBloom, delivers essential micronutrients for flowering, fruiting, and seed production. The three nutrient systems also include special formulas for your plants’ needs.

The General Hydroponics Flora Series has three different nutrient mixes that are ideal for different stages of growth. It is the most comprehensive nutrient system on the market and offers a range of advantages to your plants. The main nutrient, FloraMicro, is designed to meet the needs of all three stages of growth. It is an excellent choice for beginners. It also saves you money.

The Flora Series is the original Building-Block Nutrient System and contains all the primary, secondary, and micronutrients that your plants require. It is pH-balanced and is the standard in the industry. Its 3-part nutrient system also contains additives for a richer and more diverse growth. This product is the preferred choice for professional cannabis growers. The product can be purchased online or at a local hydro store.


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