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31 Facts Of Honeybee & Beekeeping

honey bee

Facts of honeybee and Beekeeping, everyone should know

People take honeybee farming as their bee-keeping hobby. It’s also beneficial to the climate and environment.

There are too many facts and historical events on beekeeping. It the most readable creature among other animals in the world. You can always learn something new about this creature and its impact on our social life.

There are some 31 interesting facts about beekeeping.

  1. From late 4000 years, practice of honey bee farming runs.
  2. The food we eat, almost 30% work done by honey bees. Honey bees’ acts as a pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. This helps plants to grow. Bee transfers that pollination to make and female bees, Allowing more plants to grow.
  3. In their 42 to 56 days life duration, worker bee can fly 1.5 of earth’s circumference
  4. The queen bee have ability to lay 25 hundred eggs in her lifespan of 2 to 6 year.
  5. One colony of honeybee has 18000 acres area of seeking food.
  6. 12 bees’ entire life works can make only one table spoon honey.
  7. To make 1 pound of honey, workers honeybee visits millions is flowers, 50 to 200 flowers per day visits.
  8. A single bee make 1/12 of tea-spoon in her life.
  9. Honey bee beats her airfoil or wings 15000 times in a minute. And make the voice of buzz.
  10. To make a pound of honey, honey bee fly at least 55 hundred miles.
  11. Male bee called drones.
  12. Honey bee has 5 eyes.
  13. The Honey bee fascinate with coffee flower.
  14. Honey combs is the storage honey box made with wax in hexagon. The honey is the largest parts and minimal part is wax of honeycomb.
  15. Honey bee eat pollen form flowers, mix it with honey to make pollen digestive.
  16. Bees live in colony, a hive consist of 60,000 honey bees.
  17. Bee don’t have knees and they have jointed legs.
  18. Bee lives in colonies, there are 3 types of bee in a colony. Queens, Workers and Drones, each have their own specialty.
  19. Queen bee runs the whole hive, lays eggs for next generation. And made a special chemicals that guide other bee behaviors.
  20. Workers are the female bee, their work is to find food. Also they clean and protect the bee hive.
  21. Drones are the male bee in the hive, they mate with the queen to produce next generations. There are thousands of drones in a hive but they kicked out from hive when winter comes.
  22. Honeybee cannot sleep.
  23. They remain motionless all night to conserve energy for next day.
  24. The official citizen of the “Maine” is Honey Bee.
  25. Pinocembrin antioxidant found in honey.
  26. Queen bee needs 1 mating flight in her life time, with 5 to 45 drones. She stores sperms in her spermatheca, it’s the full lifespan’s supply for her.
  27. The drones in the hive dies after mating with queen.
  28. Honey bee not taught to make money naturally. But the older bees in the hive tell them, how to make honey?
  29. Honey has estimated 25% sweet than white sugarcane sugar.
  30. Honey contains all necessary nutrient. It’s the only food that contain all in the world.
  31. Venom of bees is the treatment of arthritis and high blood pressure.



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